The Party Card - A Exclusive

the party card The Party Card can be used at participating businesses across the country to save money.

As a card holder you will be privy to specials that only our members have access to. Imagine getting an extra HOUR of Happy Hour at your favorite spot, saving $1 on every beer you buy or knocking off 10% off your dinner bill. These are some of the deals that you can get if you have The Party Card.

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You can join this exclusive club for only $25. The card is very durable and is made to last, it is just a like a credit card.

We are currently offering a LIFE TIME Card for $25.

Normally these cards have a 1 year expiration so get them while their hot, this deal won't be around forever. Once we sell out, the next batch will be the same price but only be good for 1 year. Contact Us to purchase.

What is The Party Card?
- Member bars create special exclusive for The Party Card members
- The Party Card members can purchase these cards online or at events
- Patrons get great deals and bar owners/managers create more business

Examples of Specials:
- An extra hour of happy hour Monday-Thursday
- $1 off draft beers during weekdays
- 10% off food and drink bills over $50 (up to $300)
- The Party Card Night: Come out on Wendesdays for Happy Hour prices all night
- First draft beer FREE with tab of at least $25 (weekdays)


If you run a bar and would like to offer our card members a special Contact Us. will promote your buiness nationwide if you become an affiliate of The Party Card.