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What style of wine or bubbly do you prefer? (Tell us your favorite brand or style in the comments.)
Do you prefer dark beer or light beer? (Tell us your favorite in the comments)
Who do you think will win Super Bowl XLVI?
If you own or manage a bar: How did your business perform in 2011?
What would you like to know most before going to a bar?
What social networks do you use besides
What is your favorite type of venue to go to during the summer?
Does your dance move arsenal include a hand clap?
What is your favorite event a bar/club can offer?
Have you ever smeared Preparation H on your muscles to look more ripped?
Do you subscribe to any RSS feeds?
Who do you think will win Super Bowl XLV?
What do you want to see most on
How likely are you to try a beer that you haven't had before?
What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
What sort of entertainment do you prefer a bar to have?
Are you watching the World Series or Baseball?
What are you Halloween Weekend plans?
Do you prefer college football or professional football?
What is the first type of drink you order when going to a bar?
Do you play in any fantasy sport leagues?
Would you like the ability to view or offer live video feeds from bars in your area?
What kind of nightlife spot do you want to see in your city/town?
Are you watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
In your opinion, which stadium is the best place to see a MLB game in 2010?
Who do you think is going to win the 2010 NHL Stanley Cup?
What is your favorite spring drink?
What tablet do you own or plan to buy this year?
Who will win the 2010 Men's NCAA Championship?
When you go out for drinks, what is your average budget?
Who do you think will win the Super Bowl XLIV?
What brings your to
Which mobile device do you use?
Are you going to the WSOBP?
Best Bar City?
Who will win the NBA championship?
What's your favorite kind of bar?
Who is going to win the NCAA Men's B-Ball Tourney?
How do you prefer to drink beer?
What is your favorite sport?
How has the economy impacted your party life?
What should bars charge for a draft beer?
What's your favorite drinking game?