November 2011 Newsletter

Colder weather and shorter days are two of the negatives of this time of year, but there also are some great things happening in November that we can all look forward to. First of all, the Thanksgiving holiday happens late in the month giving us an opportunity to enjoy good food and drinks with our friends and family plus a nice break from work (Also, Thanksgiving Eve is one of the best bar nights of the year). If you need help finding a bar, club, or pub in your city or town on Thanksgiving eve, or any time, check out BarFinder's huge database of drinking establishments, announcements, specials, and live cams to make your decision a little easier.

For all the beer lovers out there, November is the month where breweries begin releasing their highly anticipated winter seasonals. If you want to find a new beer to drink this month, let BarFinder's brewery and beer database be a guide in your beer selection process.


In the beer pong world, November marks the month where one of the biggest events of the year takes place. The US Open of Beer Pong takes place on November 19th and 20th at The Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City, NJ and there is $10,000 in prize money. gave away a FREE team entry to this event, and we still have promo codes so if you are interested in signing up for the event please contact us and we will hook you up. To everyone who entered last month's contest, thank you for helping spread the word about

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Some announcements posted:

  • High Gravity Night to Remember On Nov. 11, 2011, we'll be featuring many notable (and hopefully memorable) high gravity beers, including The Bruery's Cuir 3rd Anniversary and Bell's Batch 9,000. And of course we'll have our G.O.O.D. Beers on tap- the Rare D.O.S. and Batch 100 (our barrel-aged strong ale). Perhaps we'll have more big beers, but you'll have to attend to find out. Water, chips and salsa will be free and plentiful to aid you along your tasting of these "rare" beers...
  • Artisanal Imports Bee's Knees Food Collaboration Bee's Knee's Food Company, a local producer of delicious bar snacks, and Artisanal Imports have teamed up on a new recipe lovingly titled "High Gravity Nuts". It is a smokey, savory, spicy, fruity, and slightly sweet blend of Almonds and apple clusters made exclusivley with the La Trappe Quadrupel....
  • Tap House Turkey Roast An all you can eat Cornucopia of Plenty.... plenty of Turkey and Beer. Yards Brewing Co is supplying the beers, including a special seasonal saison that will go just right with all the trimmings. Here's your chance to actually enjoy Thanksgiving with friends, new and old. ....

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