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:: Yo Philly: 'Flipadelphia' Flip Cup Tournament for Cancer @ Tavern on Broad

Location: 200 S Broad St  Philadelphia  PA  usa  19102
Event Date: 4/9/2011
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Posted on 4/6/2011 by barfinderstaff
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image"Flipadelphia is the ultimate flip cup tournament event. Based on the ever popular 'Flipadelphia' episode from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia this event combines all the fun of competition, drinking games, great t-shirts and fund raising to fight cancer.

This event is for ages 21 and up. We will not provide refunds to anyone that registers ahead of time but is not 21 or over.

Register for Flipadelphia 2011 HERE. Teams of 4 or 5 must register in order to compete. Each registration costs $15. Please remember to enter your name and the names of your friends who you might be registering with.

Registration on the day of the event is 2 to 4pm. Registration comes with the following:

2-4pm Drink Specials
4-7pm OPEN BAR: this includes beer for your flipping needs and all well drinks
7-Close We will be offering specials on beer if you buy a $5 Flipadelphia pitcher.
The winning team will receive:

$250 worth of gift cards to Raven Lounge

A Monkey Box for each team member. The Monkey Box includes 50 yellow 16 oz Solo cups, 10 1 oz disposable shot glasses, 4 ping pong balls, 2 dice, 1 deck of cards. 'Everything you need for a pre-game or party in one simple location.' Thanks to Monkey Inc."

For more information about Tavern on Broad please CLICK HERE.
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