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:: West Coast Classic - Beer Pong Tournament

Location: Trevi Entertainment - Lake Elsinore       
Event Date: 6/27/2009
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Posted on 4/23/2009 by beerpong
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It's official!

The West Coast Classic is taking place on June 27th in Lake Elsinore, Ca. The venue has been locked down meaning than the event will be held at Trevy Entertainment Center. We set the maximum number of teams to 128, with a GUARANTEED $5,000 prize. Other payouts will be determined later, but there will be more than just a first place payout. We currently have about 8,000 square feet, with 4 projection screens, a club-like stereo system, 100 foot bar, and a vip room for a large sponsorship.

To register, sign up online for $100 per team.

Tournament structure will be as follows:
To start the event every team entered will play 6 random teams over the course of multiple rounds. The best teams will be determined by Win vs. Losses and Cup Differential. Only the best 64 of the 128 teams will be seeded and move on to the next round. This next round is the most crucial and where things begin to get interesting; the highest seeded teams will play the lowest seeded teams, in a 1 round best of 3 competition. The losers will be eliminated and the winners will move on to the 32 team Double Elimination part of the Tournament playing for $5,000 guaranteed.

This structure allows for the most entertaining match ups and really requires consistent play from the team who wins. ALSO, we will be running another complete 64 team double elimination tournament simultaneously exclusively for those who do not make the top 32. This tournament will be an additional $20 buy in with $500 going to first place. Giving everyone who went out before they were supposed to, a shot at making their money back plus some. Keep an eye out for the many satellite events going on for your chance to win your teams entry.
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