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:: Sunday Spotlight: Check Out NFL Playoff Games @ Buffalo Billiards DC

Location: 1330 19th St NW  Washington  DC  usa  20036
Event Date: 1/10/2010
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Posted on 1/10/2010 by barfinderstaff
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imageBuffalo Billiards may be the greatest spot in DC to watch sports, so the NFL playoffs are no different! Buffalo Billiards offers partiers a huge, multi-room venue with:
6 Ten Foot Screens
40 Flat Screens
19 Pool Tables
9 Shuffleboards
5 Dart Stations
1 Jukebox
2 Full Bars
Delicious Buffalo Billiards Food

Why sit inside and watch today's playoff games come and go when you can be at Buffalo Billiards and celebrate Sunday with lots of other people just like you? With all of their TVs you won't miss a snap, and you can stay entertained with one of their many bar games scattered throughout the location. So, come into Buffalo Billiards, grab a beer and some wings and get ready for a great NFL Playoff Sunday!

For More Details About Buffalo Billiards Click Here
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