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:: SCBP - Women's Fitted Tees & WSOBP Practive Events

Location: Blue Cafe  Huntington Beach  CA  usa  92649
Event Date: 12/21/2010
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Posted on 12/16/2010 by bobt
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imageWith the World Series coming up in just a few weeks, we put together 2 practice events. On Tuesday, December 21st and Tuesday, December 28th, we will be at Blue Cafe in Huntington Beach ( for special WSOBP style events. Each team will play in a number of pool play games, and then record and cup differential will determine who plays in the championship tournament for the evening. It's a lot of guaranteed games, so is a good time, even if you're not planning on playing at the WSOBP. (more details

We also are putting in a rush order of ladies fitted tees for the World Series. Order this limited edition shirt by Thursday. Goto to order

There are a number of side events planned for this year's World Series. Here is a rundown of the schedule:
1/1 - East vs. West Showdown (co-hosted by SCBP, only a few spots left)
1/2 - $5k Men's Singles Tournament
1/2 - Women's Singles Tournament
1/3 - Co-Ed Cash Tournament
1/4 - $2,500 Cash Tournament & Open Bar
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