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:: Pair Busted for Selling Moonshine at Day Care

Location: Day Care Center  Charlotte  NC  usa  28201
Event Date: 12/14/2009
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Posted on 12/14/2009 by barfinderstaff
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Charlotte, NC - Authorities charged a North Carolina woman with selling moonshine out of her day care center. The Charlotte Observer reported Tuesday that North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement arrested a 57-year-old woman last week at Parkview Community Center in Charlotte. Agents said children were in the day care center when they sent in an undercover agent to buy two gallons of moonshine.The woman told the paper she was set up by a neighbor. She said she was just holding a package for a man in exchange for $80 and didn't even know what was in it. Agents also arrested an 82-year-old man and charged him with making the moonshine. Authorities seized more than 80 gallons of moonshine from the man.

Gotta love the south! Economy got your moonshine business down? All you have to do is start selling out of a daycare to change you demographic. I'm sure this seemed like a great business decision at the time by these partially retarded rednecks, but selling a cop 2 gallons of moonshine while kids are in session....that's just hilarious. Why are people still smuggling and purchasing moonshine? I can understand weed or something but moonshine? Prohibition is over dummies! Get some legal booze

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