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Event Date: 10/8/2010
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Posted on 10/8/2010 by barfinderstaff
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imageWe are always trying to improve the experience for users, and we have made recent improvements to our city pages that we feel will do exactly that.

Besides our "main" city pages (those named at the bottom of the homepage), all cities with more than 10 bars, clubs, or lounges across the entire country are now available for your browsing pleasure from the bottom of every page by clicking "[Pick City]". These new city pages include lots of valuable information about the nightlife scene in the selected area including:

- The Best Bars, Clubs and Lounges in the Selected Area (As voted by YOU)
- Featured Announcements That Pertain to the Selected Area
- Users Active in the Selected Area
- Browsing of Bars, Clubs, and Lounge by Neighborhood in that Area
- Best Bands/DJs in the Area
- Brief Write-up About Major Cities and Hotspots/Featured Bars in that Area

We will continue to work diligently to improve User's experience on this site, and we hope these minor improvements are steps in the right direction. If you have recommendations/suggestions for, please Contact Us.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the new content!
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