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:: Beer Pong Spotlight: World Beer Pong Tour AC Beer Pong Championship

Location: 1133 Boardwalk  Atlantic City  NJ  usa  08401
Event Date: 6/13/2010
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Posted on 4/8/2010 by barfinderstaff
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imageWorld Beer Pong Tour is taking sign ups for this June's Atlantic City Beer Pong Championship, which has a $50,000 prize pool. There are satellite tournaments being held up and down the East Coast throughout April and May, so check out World Beer Pong Tour for locations close to you.

If you can not make a satellite tournament, but still want to participate in the AC Championship simple go to the World Beer Pong Tour Website and sign up for a package starting at only $230, which includes:

- 3 nights stay at Resorts Casino & Hotel in Atlantic City
- Entry into the $50K Beer Pong Tournament

For more details about local satellite beer pong tournaments and the AC Beer Pong Championship, check out World Beer Pong Tour today!
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