Saint RobertMO 

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M-F: 07:00 PM to 01:30 AM
Sat-Sun: 07:00 PM to 01:30 AM
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This place is amazing, fun atmosphere, cheap drinks, bartenders are very friendly and outgoing. The best thing about this place is that they have great entertainment, and you can switch from karaoke to club music, yes they have karaoke lounge and a huge night club, both located in the same building. Love it, will definitely go back and bring my friends there. Thank you Trinity, you rock !!!
PROS:Cheap prices, fast service, great music
CONS:Toooo much fun

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I was there last friday and it was a great place! The entire staff was very friendly! Everyone 21 and over got a free shot from the MC, because he has this challenge where someone has to ride the mechanical bull for 13 seconds to win EVERYONE 21 and over a FREE shot! The staff at the front door said every night was ladies night! So instead of using my money for my cover, I got a drink and drown bracelet! $15.00 for an endless cup of mixed drinks? HELL YEA! I enjoyed the fact that I could go over to the club side and dance the night away on the packed dance floor after singing free karaoke! I had the time of my life at Trinity Entertainment Complex! I will definitely go again! Thank you guys!

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Bar Information

Credit Cards Accepted

Smoking: Unknown
Menu: None
Price Range: Unknown


Dress Code:casual

Happy Hour
Drink Specials
Gambling/Video Poker
Dance Scene

Special Drinks:Wednesday-Saturday 7PM-1:30AM

Poker on Wednesday Nights

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