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Sat-Sun: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
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Never saw a manager be so. Angry and. Rude. To bar. Customers. In my. Life. He has. Zero personality. And is. Just mean. To people. Spending. Their. Money
PROS:Theirs. Nothing. Good. About. This. Place. Unless. You. Like. Being. Treated. Like. A. Idiot
CONS:The. Pool. Table. Until. I. Was. Screamed. At. By. Manager. Bob. For. Laughing. While. Playing. Pool. What. A. Rude. Person. To. Have. As. A manager. He's. Not. A. Good. Fit. To. Manage. A. Bar. Not. A. People. Person. Just. A. Mad. Mean. Old. Man. Who. Reminds. Me. Of. Archie. Bunker

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Michael Messina. Was disrespected. By manager Bob I will. Not return
PROS:Grumpy Bob. Grumpy Bob. Grumpy Bob
CONS:Whole place. Smelled. Like rotten. Eggs

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great food friendly staff,clean restrooms,check it out for yourself
PROS:reasonable prices,good music on weekends
CONS:busy hwyway

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Dumpy bar. Ugly barmaids. Grumpy manager.
PROS:Close to my home. Nothing else good
CONS:Don't waste. Your time

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Had a great time last night with the live entertainment the band was awesome! The attractive bartenders Cheryl and Laura made the night fun. The guy Ryan was very friendly. Manager greated us at the door and made us feel welcome.
PROS:Thin and sexy barmaids! great food. Awesome band!
CONS:Bar was a little small for the huge crowd last night.

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Credit Cards Accepted

Smoking: No
Menu: Full Menu
Food Service: Lunch Dinner
Price Range: Unknown


Dress Code:casual

Beers On Tap:8
Sports Bar

Big Screen TVs
Happy Hour
Drink Specials
Live Entertainment
Live Music
Buffalo Wings
Outdoor Seating

Happy Hour from 4-6pm. $2 Bud Light Drafts, $2 PBR's and $3 Fireballs!

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