Sex: m
Hometown:  Fullerton
DOB:  5/16/1986
Height:  5'10"   Weight:  200
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I party.


Drinks with more than 5 ingredients, and the stupid dumb bitches who order them.

Favorite Drinks

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The Weapon rated: 3
Never seen a betetr post! ICOCBW

I agree with this review. 

The Weapon rated: N/A
I just wanna say that, this guy doesn't know how to party! He goes around saying he parties, but honestly he doesn't know shit. Just saying that, YOU DON'T PARTY!! that is all.

I agree with this review. 

The Weapon rated: N/A
hes an awesome bartender! so much jazz to his pour and always makes sure you have a good time :) hell make sure you know how to party :P

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