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M-F: 10:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
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A nice place with a good mixed crowd of people. The owners are great people who care about their customers. The place gets better week after week. This place has a terrific outside setup with a big screen . They have a BBQ pit fired up during football with a master chef serving up food. The bartenders are very friendly and good looking. It is a true work in progress. Its nothing like the old city line. Truly amazing accomplishments in that bar!
PROS:Inexpensive, good staff, very clean, great outdoor seating....good crowd of people from mid twenties through 70s

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I'm loving that there is local joint to go in NE Philly again. Taggart House has a quality jukebox, good selection of beers and a lot people from the neighborhood are beginning to support this place.

I also like that it's not just some dumpy bar where only drunk regulars go into. I've met up with my sister and her husband there, I've taken my wife there after a night out for a quick drink before we headed home and I've watched sports with just the guys there.
PROS:Good jukebox
Good selection of beers
All types of crowds (not just a "guy" bar)
CONS:No food (but I heard it's coming)
Not enough SPONGE on the jukebox

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This is an underage, white trash bar where respectful, mature couples looking to sit and have a beer will be abused and threatened by the rat pack (no offense intended to the real "Rat Pack" who run this hole in the wall; meanwhile the bartender and management do nothing except continue to take in cash. The following was even said to me when I suggested they dis-continue to serve someone and take his keys / call him a cab because he could not stand or form words: "leave him alone; he's fine; he's a regular." Shame on them. This place needs to be shut-down by the LCB and others.
PROS:No pros to list... terrible; dangereous dive bar.
CONS:Lot of cons to list... see above.

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