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This place has to be the worst place I have ever visit. I felt like I was in Georgia in the late 50. I never imagined a small town on the Ohio river would welcome outsiders in this fashion. Maybe this town is stuck in the 50s but you have to get overcyourself thecworld is movingfoward while you areleft behind.By the way this black man could have spent more but maybe you guys need to spend some money on getting rid of the piss smell whencyou walk through the doors
PROS:Not a thing unless you live here and it is all you have for entertainment if that is the case I feel sorryfor you
CONS:Disrespect and racists

I agree with this review. 

Experienced serious racism at this bar so careful if you are accepting and believe all people should be treated with equality!! Cuz if so, take your dollar somewhere else!!!
CONS:Everything from the smell of piss when I walked in the door to the racist experience which later ensued.

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