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My entire huge extended/blended family came in, sort of unannounced,with my 90-year old dad- because he's lived in Wenatchee since 1956....and for many
years, has passed The iconic Igloo-and has always said:"It looks so cute.Someday, I'm going to stop and go see." Well,we made a surprise trip there with him him, as part of his birthday gift...It was the most fun our entire entended/blended family has had as a group!Dad loved it! We all did.The owner took a Gorgeous picture with his iPhone... of our whole gang? and it was so beautiful,
everyone looked good in it-and the lighting was
perfect-like a gold suffused Italian painting.Bless the staff and owner of The Igloo for making my Dad's already splendid day even more memorable.
He was still talking about how much fun it had been the next day-when he drove me to he Amtrak station-for Home.He's our blessing, and we're so glad he was treated so dearly by the Igloo owner and
all there.A plus for kindness and sensitivity and Igloo's sense of an Important occasion!
PROS:Great folks!
CONS:We should have taken Dad there for his 80th B-Day!
Next visit? Our stepmom's 90th B-Day!

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