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Stay away. Enter at your own risk. See below
CONS:Owner is a sociopath and bigot, with a long criminal record

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My friends money got stolen & a patron that the bar defends punched one of my friends. Fuck This Place.

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Just a plain old bar nothing spectacular and not the cleanest bar ive ever been in!

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I would have to disagree with the comment at the bottom of this page.Some customers have their own issues... It is a great place to hang out no matter what time you go there. Very speedy service and good prices. Great food too! Everything from seafood to burgers. They have great specials just about everyday of the week. The day shift bartendar is very friendly and speedy and will always make you feel like you are at home so I am not sure where the comment below is coming from. All the other shift bartendars are very friendly and will do the same. I have never been pourly greeted or treated at anytime that I have been there by anyone that works there. Owner does keep everything up to date and very clean at all times. There is a great outdoor patio that is heated, has a pool table on the patio and inside along with a ping pong table now. As far as the comments go below about skipping songs on the juke box I have witnessed this at times but it seems to happen when there is music that everyone doesnt like which I dont agree with. Just let it play out they paid for it. The Juke box does have an app where patrons can put there songs before yours if they pay extra. In my opinion the bartendars/owner should not skip any song if the patron is paying for it.
PROS:Great Staff, Great Food, Lots of HD T.V.s for sporting events, lots of electronic entertainment. Very clean including the restrooms. Fun crowd of all ages.
CONS:I am not in there at nights very often but if the Owner is getting drunk he needs to be out of the bar when he is drunk. Bartenders will perform at a higher level if they don't feel like their being watch every second. The whole place has cameras he can watch them if he feels like he has to be watching every second.

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Wow, seems like those customers have their own issues...i have had the EXACT OPPOSITE impression of this bar, love the bartendars,all of them have been nothing but accommodating to me and the people i bring in..i have yet to go there when the owner has not offered to buy me and everyone in my party a drink, i am always greeted from the owner with a smile a or a wave!! Great time if you shoot pool and check out the new addition..a ping pong table, play for free!! Was there for the Karaoke night it was a blast!! Always clean with a variety of people and age ranges.
PROS:Courteous bartenders, clean place, spacious smoking area, at least ten 40-60 tvs for all your games, fun environment, great app. accessible jukebox, diverse crowd, great prices and welcoming atmosphere

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It's true to a point but,it's a good time if you mind your own business !

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Fun Place to hang out at between the hours of 6 to 10 p.m. Day time bartender sit back with the owner, which has wishful thoughts of them being together, & they get hammered. Once they are both hammered, they then critique the customer. Do not play the jukebox only, because your music will get skipped. The day time tender has all authority of what is going on while the owner can barely walk. I made a comment to the day time tender about me playing songs, skipped, and was cursed at. Its been an on going issue. I normally would spend about $400.00 a week there and just repeatedly get cramped on.
PROS:Good time from a certain time period.
CONS:Ran out a great bartender and is slowly loosing great customers. The owner every night is constantly hammered and we all know what that leads to.

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