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Avoid if you have any self dignity.
PROS:Nice deck if cleaned up.
CONS:Maybe if your there for an invited party its ok but its even dirtier the when it was the Lagoon. Overpriced drinks and entertainment seems more fitting for Philadelphia clubs then a Delco orientated club. Always overcrowed. Disgrace with what they have as cover charges sometimes.

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I actually AGREE 100% with the 1st commentor NEVER wanting to go back there. I've gone to the Deck since back when it was the Lagoon and it was way better when it was the Lagoon. The Deck dow not honor their mistakes about drink specials, they water their drinks specials down and charge $10 just to get in. I can go down the street and pay nothing to get in, pay $4 a drink and have a good time without being patted down at the door. Apparently the 2nd commentor is either friends with the staff or in fact a staff member to defend such aholes. I was called "poor" and "told i wasn't going to get in free for coming at 8pm and get their $1 drink special" by MJ the nasty manager. I came early for the $1 drink specials that run from 8-10pm and was told they discontinued the $1 drinks 1yr ago by the manager and 2months ago by the Bartender. The website for the deck was still advertising all these drink specials that when i asked about them was told they wouldn't honor the specials and that i wasn't going to beat the clock by coming early, not pay and expect $1 drinks because i'm poor. I was told they don't cater to the poor which is why they charge $10 to get in. I was also told that if they didn't charge $10 they'd make no money. That's a lie! On any given weekend they charge $10 a person just to walk in the door, once you're inside you're not allowed to leave unless you want to pay $10 to come back through the doors again. So if i leave something in my car, i either can't get it or have to pay to get back in... this is a tactic so if you run out of money you have to use their ATM that charges at least $2 to get more money which people will do because it's cheaper to play their game and use their ATM then to leave, get money and have to pay $10 to get back in because you needed more money. They are a scam and a total disgrace to the people of Delco and the people visiting our area. They take advantage of people, are discriminating against poor people by calling me poor because i came early to avoid their cover charge and to have a couple $1 drinks they were advertising online because i'm out of work. SCREW YOU MJ You Nasty B!

The place is not worth a $10 cover, their drinks are not worth waiting in line for... especially their cocktails that are made up of more ice and juices/soda than actual liquor and any other drink you could get for $4 elsewhere, like a jack & coke, is astronomically high at the deck. The bottles are filled with inexpensive liquors inside of higher labeled bottles. YES this is true, i know a few people that worked there and were in charge of filling the expensive labeled alcohols with cheap liquors in its place.

No other bar has a hard time staying in business by charging a $5 cover or no cover at all and they get way less patrons than the deck. Not to mention when the deck was the lagoon every thursday was the only day they charged $10 to get in and that's because the drinks were only 25cents. Don't let them foo
PROS:A big parking lot, but it's filled with glass... so that's probably a con. So i can't really think of any pros. Smoking allowed outside on deck but only in designated areas (you have to be by the bar or they'll threaten to kick you out)
CONS:Nasty staff and management, tight parking spaces (if you have a big vehicle or an expensive vehicle park far away because it'll be hit/scratched/bumped/etc), watered down drinks, Too high of a cover for what is offered inside, No gum allowed, Food is gross (had the cheese fries) Fries were reheated frozen fries and the cheese was government cheese... they were supposed to be fresh cut fries with real cheese. VERY DISAPPOINTING!

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I had a party there last night and it sucked! The place itself was looked nice but the security and staff was complete jerks. First off I had to pay to get into my own party! Who has ever heard of the "birthday person" having to PAY TO GET INTO MY OWN PARTY! To book my party I had to give them my credit card number but I was assured that I would have TABLES reserved and that my card would not be charged if I had a minimum if ten people show up. And that someone would be in contact with me to insure everything was setup later n in the week. The first sign should have been that no one called me! Okay so when my guests come in no one ask them if they were there for the party or anything! They just charged those regular admissions price and not the 25 for the open bar (that was included in Birthday package). Then we had to argue with the cashier to finally get my guest their "plastic cup open bar". Yes they give us all one plastic cup each that you had to keep track of all night to get the open bar. Then when we finally get to the tables that were supposed to be reserved there was only ONE Table for all 20+ of my guest! The security was crazy there; they were all over my guest. My boyfriend had a button up shirt on and got hot, so he took off his shirt and had his v-neck tee-shirt on. The security comes over and tells him to put his other shirt back on! Now mind u there is people in their wearing jeans and flip flops, and they were worried about a well dressed man wearing a white tee shirt at the 1am. When the party was over the security didn't give my guest enough time to grab their handbags before we were all PUSHED OUT THE DOOR, and yes we were literally pushed out the door! I mean it was completely ridiculous and I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE!!!
PROS:Nice building; pretty good drinks
CONS:THE STAFF are jerks; was not enough music variety.

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I would like to very much disagree with the above comment. I have such a fun time there and never have a bad experance. First off they have a 2hour open bar for $10. You cant beat that!! Then after that they have great drink specials. As far as an $8 dollar red bull and vodka goes, try going anywhere else its $10 and up most times.
There are 3 exits to the outside at all times. One on each side of the deck and one sliding door is always open.
I think the staff is great! They are always upbeat and try to move a quick as possible. They only time I seen them get snotty is when they are being disrespected!
There are also 2 womens bathrooms 1 in and 1 outside. Yes there may be a line sometimes but thats us girls we take forever. I think the person abouve prob does not have good bar equite to begin with and should probally go more then once to write a nasty comment like that.
PROS:Alot of variety of people. You can dress down or dress up and you still fit in.
CONS:You may run into judgemental people who are quick to get pissy about silly stuff

I agree with this review. 

was excited to got o my future sister in laws bachlorrette party after reading the above reviews. Boy they were way off form my experience. First the cover charge to see a performer who didn't even show until after 12:30. In the mean time I was sipping on my $8 vodka and red bull, listening to the same songs over and over again!! No joke if this club is trying to be top notch you think they would have not played Daft punk 4 times in a three hour period or repeated Pitt Bull. Take some of the cover money you charge and buy some more songs! Also I understand not opening the sliding doors to the deck, so the ac does not get out,,, but when you have a packed club maybe you should offer more than one of the exit doors to be open. I did not appreciate having to work my way through the crowd to get out. Once you did make it out side you had to make it thought the crowd of smokers who just stopped right out side the door. Top notch ? I call it being cheap! I have been to a few clubs, and I will tell you if this is the uber club in Philly, our clubs must suck! It has the works to be a good club, but the service sucks and everything else needs work! I would not go with high expectations. Oh and if your a girl and have to pee expect a long line!
PROS:Nice building and deck
CONS:same music over and over
staff is snotty
over crowded and hard to get on to the deck
drinks overpriced for this club

I agree with this review. 4 other(s) agreed with this review.
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