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Neighborhood:   Whisper Ridge

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A great local bar with tons of characters. The deck out back is really cool. Our bartender Lori was attentive and really on the ball. A real local treasure!
PROS:The People!!!
CONS:Trying to get used to al the cigeratte smoke....The outside deck was a life saver!!

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The Crow Bar is plainly a NEIGHBORHOOD BAR. Walking into this bar is a step back in time, the way bars used to be. The deck is fairly new but not yet covered or lit. The ceiling has graffiti all over it, the carpet as well as the bar stools are shall we say well used. Remodeling is been out of the question as the bar would loose its quaintness. The bartenders are a friendly group and if you?ve been there several times you need not order as your beer will be waiting on you. If you are looking for a high energy place this is NOT it. But if you are looking to relax, enjoy good conversation, and take the pressure of the day off this place is for you. The sign out front says it all ?the friendliest bar around?.
PROS:friendly, down home atmosphere, small, low energy
CONS:that which goes along with being an "old" bar

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This is probably the nastiest, filthyest bar in the state of Florida and the bartenders are probably the most boring, ugliest pathethic looking crowd you'll ever see anywhere on earth!!! Yuck!! It stinks, the toilets are filthy and overflowing and reeks of bad perfume and puke!! The porch is rotting and caving in and the grass is 3 foot high outside. It's more like a place where you expect to catch some bad desease than anything else!! Don't stop here!!! tHERE ARE MUCH NICER AND MORE DESIRABLE PLACES TO PARTY, REST OR TAKE A LOAD OFF. WE GOT THE IMPRESSION THAT IT IS A GAY BIKER BAR IF YOU'RE INTO THAT OR A PLACE TO MEET REAL SLEEZY LOOKING HAGS!!! lol!!!
PROS:Can't think of anything special to comment about.
CONS:Filthy, nasty, undesirable people and location is real bad too.

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Midnight one more night without sleeping... watching 'til the morning comes creeping. "GREEN DOOR", what's that secret you're keeping? There's an old piano and they play it hot behind the green door." Don't know what they're doing but they laugh alot BEHIND the "GREEN DOOR". Wish they'd let me in so I can see what they're doing behind the GREEN DOOR. Knocked once... tried to tell them I'd been there... "DOOR SLAM".... "Hospitalities THIN THERE. Wonder... just what's going on in there. Saw an eye ball peeping through a smoky cloud behind the green door. When I said, "JON SENT ME! They all started laughing behind the "GREEN DOOR". All I want to do is join the happy crowd behind the "GREEN DOOR." Midnight.... one more night without sleeping.... GREEN DOOR, what's that secret you're keeping??????

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Boring to say the least. Not exactly my kind of place.
PROS:Graffitti city on the ceiling. If you like signing your name on the wall or ceiling then this is the place for you. Sorta like the Birds Nest.
CONS:Bottled beers & wine. No mixed drinks. No dance floor. No type of foods. Pit stop atmosphere.

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