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M-F: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
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The Corner Bar is a St. Charles institution. It's claim to fame is the 2 lane bowling lanes in the basement still in existence today. The lanes only have 3 pins with a ball the size of a softball called Cocked Hat Bowling. My father stuck pins there as a boy of 12 years old in 1940. The bar caters to locals and has simple Midwestern hospitality and food. It has been a staple in St. Charles for many, many years serving residents of St. Charles young and old.
PROS:Local hangout with generations of families frequenting it. Inexpensive food, beer and spirits. Historical building.
CONS:Smokey and not overly clean.

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Deffinatly a great neighborhood bar, when you walk in your greated with a smile and hello from everyone. There is also a bowling alley in teh basement that can be rented out for private parties, not to mention that it isnt normal bowling there is only three'll have to see it to believe it! The night bartenders are great, they'll always talk to you if your in the mood or leave you alone if you just want to hang out. I have never had a problem when I've been in this place. Thanks for the fun times! But I do miss the shuffle board table!
PROS:Cocked Hat Bowling (3 pin bowling) in the basement. Food for lunch and friday night dinners, and if the night bartender can she will gladly cook for you during the week.
CONS:To bowl you have to rent out the basement, since everything is manual on the alleys (2) there is no open bowling like a regular 10 pin alley.

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