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I went a few weekends ago with a friend and as a white girl walking into a bar full of hispanics it was SO nice not to get stares down by everybody, I felt comfortable and not crouded like a sardine in a can was nice to be in a bar that wasnt too small.
CONS:SO very far from my home of Kelso, WA. wish it was closer.

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Awesome Place For Karaoke!
Karaoke every Wednesday and Thursday with DJ Doc Rock - the sound system is amazing. I have been to many Karaoke places and the song selection and sound system here rocks!
Starts at 7pm and goes on till close. The bar staff is extremely friendly.
They also organize events from time to time. They had hip hop acts - 7, including the likes of Bibster Beats, and Frank Loc.
Every Saturday starting July 7 - they will be having a Saturday Bazaar in their huge parking lot - can't wait for that.
I love to sing - so Karaoke Wed and Thurs will short rotations is a heaven send. There is also talk of another hip hop night in July.

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