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To the ones who would care. I was in a few weeks ago and one of the patrons spit in my eye. Naturally I got upset and Lesley the bartender, Said I had to leave or she would call the police and was told I would have to apologize to her before I could return. It takes a certain character just to spit in someone's face, as well as keep the company of someone of that character. An apology will never ever happen, nor will I ever patronize this establishment, buy from the liquor store, or have anything good to say about this place.

I was a regular patron of both so if catering to the caliber of person who spits in people faces is the way they prefer to conduct business then I guess she did me a favor. I have much more fun At BB Magee's The food is great the atmosphere is adult and mature, Great live music plus the owner is a great guy.
If you can read this before it gets taken down I strongly recommend some other place to get your buzz on unless you like being served by low class character.

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