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Neighborhood:   Bonita Vista

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The food is really great here. my favorite on menu is the crab cakes. those little things are so delicious! i am addicted to them. their specialty martinis are strong and creep up on ya. I drank three of those (a pama dream, razz crush and strawberry lemonade) and i was good and buzzed! check out their website
PROS:great food
great drinks
friendly staff (michelle is HILARIOUS and angel is so cute!)
CONS:the place is difficult to find if you don't know exactly where it is

I agree with this review. 
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Bar Information

Credit Cards Accepted

Smoking: Unknown
Menu: Full Menu
Food Service: Lunch Dinner
Group Seating
Parking Lot
Price Range: Unknown


Big Screen TVs
Happy Hour
Drink Specials
Gambling/Video Poker


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