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Visited this establishment last night and it was horrible. First they charge $20 a piece to get in and the club was empty smh, just a few people in side. Then once you get inside they is no seating except for booths that they want you to purchase to sit. Then i headed to the bar for a drink with my boyfriend and drinks are overpriced $24 for two drinks smh. After 30 minutes of being in the bar not one stripper has even been on the stage to dance. We were told that they were on intermission lol. Then two terrible dancers went up and no other strippers. I will never visit this terrible establishment again and I would suggest it to anyone. They boost prices trying to make up for not having anyone in the bar. WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME.

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bad place needs to be closed may matters wrost one of their dancers a mother of 6 is now missin after leaving work sad...

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The sting is haunted... too many killings in there

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