New Smyrna BeachFL 
Neighborhood:   Savona South at Venetian Bay

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WHAT A SEWER!!.1st let me start by saying my fav bar is a dive this is a toilet. We went there because we read it was WILD, HAHAHA the joke was on us as it was just out & out NASTY! The place was dead, We had traveled to all the spots we read about & Daytona, Destination Daytona, & New Smyrna were the hot spots. A little more tame than we were looking for but FUN!!!! The crowds were mixed aged & there were countless HOT women everywhere until we hit the cabbage patch. I wanted to show my hubby some wildness & unless you are into NASTY chicks that had been rode hard & put away wet this isnt the place. It may have been at one time but no more. Even the food vendors said they had lost $ in coming there as it had been dead the entire time. The camp grounds were also dead. Yes there is cabbage wrestling but thats pretty gross too. There is a video on you (the top video upload site) on a wet T shirt contest there. That was just disgusting! The winner of the cabbage wrestling was in it. The only thing small on her was her chest & she was proudly exposing everyone to her ample body. (a site anyone could do w/out). Do yourself a favor & DONT waste your time with the cabbage patch. That was the most disappointing time during bike week 2011 we had.
CONS:too many to list . See review

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