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If you?re looking to find a place where you?re treated like a valued customer, I would look elsewhere. Sloppy Joes is not your place.

This past weekend I went in with a group of nine friends and family. Our plan was to go to the haunted house next door and then spend the evening there watching the game and spending plenty of money on food and drinks. Because we had an hour or so wait to even get into the haunted house, we walked over to grab a couple drinks while we were waiting. The place was absolutely packed, which is to be expected. We were able to secure a table in the bar area for a few of us, a couple seats at the bar at some point, and then the others were basically standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone else? moving or getting pushed out of the way each time a server had to get by.

After about 25 minutes, after a number of us had just ordered another drink, a guy came by our table to say we had to get up from the table because the dining room area was full and there was a long wait to eat, so they decided they were going to seat people there now. Ours was the only bar table that was targeted, which was in the middle of two other bar tables and the second furthest from the dining room. When we brought up issue with them making us get up from a table that we secured in an extremely full bar, we were the only table targeted, and we were paying customers with full drinks? they were still insistent and extremely condescending. He told my cousin-in-law, who is the nicest and friendliest person, ?You know, you should really smile once in a while? (or equally stupid). For one thing, we?re all unhappy about being paying customers that are being tossed aside for a group they feel may be spending more money. Considering the fact that we were a group of 9 people and the table seated 4, I highly doubt that, even if they were ordering food. Also, that remark is completely irrelevant to the discussion and the only reason it would be said is to be rude in an underhanded way. We also said that we would have ordered food, but no one had come by to ask if we wanted anything earlier, and that we no longer had time to do so.

If you go into a restaurant to eat a meal on a Saturday night at 7pm, in a place where there?s a bar, on a game night, next to a haunted house with hundreds of people going through, you should expect to ?have a very long wait? to eat in the dining room. For a restaurant to target an individual table of paying customers, IN THE BAR AREA, and tell them (not even ask) that they have to get up so they can seat OTHER customers, is absolutely rude and demonstrates terrible service.

So we all finished our drinks and left within a couple minutes. Afterwards we went to another bar several miles away, where we received excellent, friendly service, and where we spent lots of money buying food and drinks. We will not be returning to Sloppy Joes ever again after being treated like second class citizens. My money will

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The owner parties there with friends alot. The food is subpar! The place needs a visit from dirty dining. The faded floors look like aged coffin wood. The place is like a musty basement full of death stench. Creepy feeling inside like it's haunted !
PROS:Have some sort of food not very fresh.
Other great choices around.
CONS:High prices too much selection. Dirty old barn feel.
Nothing clean here. Peanut shells everywhere. To much to list.

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