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I like that I can get in free on Friday nights as a female and get drinks for $1. Although sometimes it's hard to get the bartenders' attention. Also, I took the time to dress up on a costume event night. If you dressed up, you got in free. The bouncer told me I had to pay because I wasn't dressed up! I was very dressed up with another girl who was dresses up and he let her walk on in! Rude and it pissed me off! I finally convinced him that I was in costume and he just rolled his eyes. When I got inside, I was told by an employee that it was appreciated that I took the time to dress up because a lot of people didn't. Hmmm...
PROS:Drink specials
CONS:Rude bouncers

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I will NEVER go there EVER again. I'm sure it doesnt matter to there manager or staff. But if this keeps up with there bussiness they will eventually get closrd down!!! The bar tender was RUDE and I go talk to the manager and he did nothing about this. All he said was they never had a issue with him but by reviews it seems like they have ISSUES!!! Im giving them my hard working money and my bussiness so they ALL could be nicer. OH AND CLEAN YOURE SKANK A** BATH ROOMS!!!!
CONS:Same as above!!!!

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best and friendly bartenders i've ever seen bouncers are cool
PROS:drinks are great pepole are friendly music is great also
CONS:no cons at this bar

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Just wanted to post that the bartender went out of his way to help me one night when I came to his establishment to pick up someone who had called me for a ride. I was worried about this person and the bartender took time out of his night to help me. Much appreciated. Very classy.

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Clean, good bartenders.
Good mix of County and classic rock until about 11:00, then it's all rap and bootie dancing.

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