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Romes actually has pretty decent prices on their beer for happy hour. I go maybe a few times a month with some friends and every time we're greeted with a smile from the waitress and service is great! It's always a good time at Rome's and even the waitresses will add to the fun by adding in their own jokes when they talk to us. For looking like more of a blue collar bar, I would say this place competes with even tilted kilt or twin peaks for the waitresses and the quality of product. The cooks also make a mean tex mex steak that always hits the spot. I think it's a shame that more people don't know about this place.
PROS:I can get a good beer at a very decent price while being served by a beautiful waitress.

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Lets see if you can't find your Blue collar husband. Look here!! Odds are he is there with your underaged son.
PROS:No Pros for this family

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