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Came in there on Memorial Day 2012. Ordered our drinks, got them in good time - but no straws. Asked waitress for straws twice - finally we went to the bar and got them. Asked for refills..waitress came back and said "Here is your beer" asked about the refills for the other 7 in my party and I was told in a joking manner, "Gesh you are needy"...ok whatever it was a joke..last I saw of her for about 45 minutes...finally an hour later we asked another staff member to please get our waitress. She came to the table..we asked her about our food cause it had been an hour....she became defensive and said..Your ticket is next up if you dont believe me you can come into the kitchen and see for yourself. I told her it was not necessary. But asked what does next up mean? She said putting it in the basket and bringing it to your table. We said Ok it has been an hour and we are renting a boat....she went on to tell us how she would fire the cook but he was the only one they have..I told her well I would probably still fire him or something cause this is not good business....she came back snotty and said well nothing I can do about and I told her I understand that but she could apologize for the inconvenience and be a little accountable since you can see we are clearly frustrated. She sealed her lips real tight and gave a look like "No apologies coming from these lips!" I then asked just to tab us out and we will pay for our drinks..cancel the order...she said no don?t pay just get out of here. I said to her this is my daughters 13th birthday and we rented a boat and invited her friends and I cannot believe you are ruining our day. She then yelled "Well sorry for ruining your weekend...and Happy F&@king birthday...yep she said that to my 13 year old and her friends...she said it so loud that everyone at the restaurant were watching...I have never experienced this in my life.....I will NEVER go there again!! Oh and did I mention this waitress was the manager! GREAT managing! The owner must be desperate for employees to employ someone like her no matter how busy, how short staffed you should never talk to anyone like this!!!

I agree with this review. 
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