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Worst food in the area. Baked potatoes and pasta were cold. What's with a 1/2 piece of bread with fish dinner? How about a dinner roll
We will not eat here again..
CONS:Bartenders VERY slow and selective. Not very friendly.

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We've been to this bar several times since we have a seasonal campsite in the area. The dining area is very spacious, but the bar itself is medium sized and can get crowded easily. The atmosphere is conducive to the area. Sportsman frequent this bar throughout the year.
We went to this bar for supper on a Sunday evening at the end of April and found there was only the bartender working. No cook was available to prepare a meal, however,the bartender did offer to make us a pizza. It was made from fresh ingredients. Not the usual frozen type you get in bars. It was very good and reasonably priced.
PROS:Good food. We've always been satisfied. If they continue making fresh pizza, we recommend it.
Reasonable prices.
Northwoods style atmosphere and decor.
CONS:Poor acoustics. The high ceilings echo crowd noise and loud music.
Limited number of beers on tap. Mediocre selection.
Cleanliness below average at the bar.

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