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First off so happy they have liquor now.
But every time I go I have to have a MICHELADA!! They make them from scratch not out of a bag no they make them there in front of you
My friends and I look forward to coming on Thursdays for steak night and live country music yall hold in the back pavilion. The bartenders are gorgeous and friendly.
I've been coming here for a while now and never have I had any problems, the environment is nice and all the people who come out to this place are friendly no thugs and you will never see dirty dancing on the dance floor lol its is a great bar to hang out at.
people here buy house rounds just for the heck of it! not to mention on Saturday nights it gets pretty packed pretty quick for the live bands (every sat)
I think this bar very soon in the future will be bigger than cowboys and I hope im around to see it :)

p.s their beer salt is so good!
PROS:awsome bar!!

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Very rude bartender on Wednesday night
CONS:Lots of cons.

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I absolutely love R&J Music Pavalion!!!!!
Nice staff and clean bathrooms (thank god!)
Now with them 55' inch tvs I love to come watch my spurs play with a nice cold one

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This venue is not in a residential area it sits a mile or so outside the San Antonio city limits with no immediate houses next to it. There are golf carts that pick you up and give you a rides to the entrance which is pretty cool with a lot of parking 2 big lots. As far as too loud I've seen officers out there regulating the sound with noise meters so they must be doing something right. Seems like some of the people complaining have nothing else better to do. As far as long lines for beer yes I agree than can be faster but they are building additional bars to help supply the demand. Over all this place is the nicest outdoor/indoor bar/venue in the Southside and could rank as one of top cleanest friendliest bars in San Antonio as well as SouthTexas.

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The parking lot is bumpy but I didn't mind. I didn't have to walk because they had a golf cart type thing that gave you a ride to the entrance,for free, which I thought was cool. I liked the atmosphere, very relaxing. Beer is cheap and there is a lot of room to dance and sit. All these other complaints are minor problems that could really go un-noticed if you know how to have fun. Fun Place, different from most bars.

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I have been there a few times and it's a nice place to hang out, but the management there needs some serious adjusting before I will go back to that place. The manager is very rude and there is always a new bartender. It seems like there turn over rate it really high and I'm sure the manager plays a huge role it that one. One Saturday night we were there and the bartenders were swamped, I asked him for help and he replied " you need to wait for the bartender, I can't help you" then proceeded to just stand there while a bunch of people waited around for service. A good manager would have offered help, this place has a lot of potential but needs new management!!

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this place is awesome, never mind the negitivity. great place and cold freakin beer. if you go to the outside concerts and start sweating even "if you never dance" you can go inside the bar that has a/c. And dont worry about spraining your ankle if you know how to walk. now the bartender could use a little more ageing. lol

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From the moment we pulled up from the dark, one lane each way, road, we had a bad feeling about this place. Had to pay 5 dollars to park in the dirt and walk on bumpy ground. Beware not to sprain an ankle. This place had lines for the bathroom and beer. People who try to cut make fights a real possibility. There was n mixed drinks. The wine coolers were hot, had to pour everything into a cup of ice. Then they ran out of ice. Go figure. The band plays outdoors, so get ready to sweat even if u never dance. There were only two law enforcement people. A wimpy looking female at the door and one guy in the outdoor pavillion. No other strong big security staff. Did NOT feel safe here. Never go back!!!!

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parking was a nightmare! had to park on the street. mobile homes everywhere! it was in a neighborhood, music was too loud

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We go there quite often and drink a bucket of ice cold brew's. Nice place to hang out inside or outside, Place has a huge stage outdoor's ,last night;s Desperado / tropa f / david farias reunion was awesome close to a thousand people attended, only negative was the wait to buy beer, line's were too long,bartender's were overwhelmed. We had to go to RNJ #1 to get our drink on. With a few minor adjustment's next concert should go smoother.

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