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Yes they had cans of beer! But is was a awesome site when the opened the cooler doors to see all bottled beers! What a great selection. Bathroom are simple but clean! Lots of tp.for the ladies! Bartenders were entertaining! Take a country drive & try it again!

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Not sure who left the last review.... We do not have many cans of beer at all, Our whole bar has been renovated, not trying to be a high class bar, just a local friendly bar...And our bathrooms are cleaner than some peoples homes..... Our renovations are complete and we are busy.. As for my bartenders, They all are professional and know what they are doing... I'm sorry you had a bad experience here, come back and try again... You will be surprised !

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Wants to be a high class bar, but falls very short. 90% of their beer is in cans, mixed drinks come in plastic cups, and I don't recommend using the bathrooms. The bartender that evening had to ask how to make simple drinks ie; screwdriver! If you're a smoker this is your bar.
PROS:Allows you to smoke.
CONS:Prices and lack of any professionalism.

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