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I went on an app called Place finder and saw that this place had the best reviews of the three in town. They must have paid for the reviews!! If this is the best, I would hate to see the rest. Not only was the bartender loud and lazy, she did not have a very pleasant demeanor. She was not rude per se but she did not make you feel wanted either. The people at the bar where a bunch of loud, and obnoxious men talking about licking women's private areas, and smelling their panties. I am being polite in my description, they were extremely graphic. There were several women and young girls (about 9 years old) in the immediate area. I found it extremely uncomfortable and disrespectful, and almost borderline sexual harassment. The food was extremely expensive for the amount that you received. We asked repeatedly for napkins, and never got one. We travel a lot and like to support local businesses all over the world. I have to say that this was one of the worst experiences ever. BTW, smoking is also very prevalent inside.

I agree with this review. 
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