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Fuck primos don't waste your time
CONS:Went outside to smoke a cigarette and the "chef" came outside to scream at me saying I was bringing drinks outside when it never happened..said he was going to call the cops on me and my friend.. So aggressive and disrespectful he made me cry when I've been a good customer and Always tipped good thought it was a nice small bar until I got treated like such garbage, he literally told me we don't want your kind around here never come back..Do yourself a favor and never come to primos unless you want a miserable night and shitty service..By the way tried to call and complain to the "owner" and she hung up and said she had better thing to do

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Disgusting bar you get treated like shit if your an out sider
CONS:Cheap quality drinks... Not real bartenders all old miserable people that don't give good customer service and don't make you feel welcome

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