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In town for tough mudder.. A decent bar with 175+ craft beers.. well at least they say they offer that many. It may take a while to find a beer of your choosing that they actually have in stock, but rest assured its on the list. The weekend I stopped in with some local friends there were absolutely no people in the bar except the employees, but I was assured that it was crowded earlier for burger pairing night. So I figured I would try a burger.. not so fast, they were out. Additionally I had to keep switching beers since they must keep one or two bottles of each on hand. I don't want to be all doom and gloom, it is a decent bar for the size of the town, but not worth it if you're looking for a fun night out. Try Webers or head to Mansfield area.
PROS:nice patio
nice bar if the atmosphere was better (ie music, people, food, drink specials)
have a limited amount of beer as opposed to what they advertise
no food
weak atmosphere, sad blues music
bartenders can't make a mixed drink, way too much sweet

I agree with this review. 
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