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I have been here several different time and each time it has taken 25 to 40 minutes to get our food. Tonight we were there the service was terrible. Ordered a sprite but when we got it it was terrible. It tasted like bubble water. I asked for a different soda. It tasted watered down and bland. I'm not sure if this is a cost cutting thing or not but if I'm paying for a soda I should get a soda not something watered down. The waitress said she has had others complain about the soda there but the management seems to think it's fine the way it is. Yuck! How can you serve that to people and feel good about it. My son ordered soup which he got right away. We waited 30 minuses then went to ask where our appetizers and food was. A few minutes later our appetizers came out. We had no silverwear or napkins. Had to call the waitress over to get us some. We no sooner got our silverware and started eating our appetizers and our food came out. It wad 40 minutes after we ordered that we got our food. The food was ok nothing special. The baked beans were awuful, the fish was good, the philly cheese sandwich was ok. They forgot the cheese my daughter ordered with her fries.I would have been ok with our food taking this long and the service being poor if they were busy but they weren't. There were only 4 tables filled in the room we were in. The bar side wasn't full either. There were 2 waitresses working the floor. I saw 1 bartender and a older lady working behind the bar. My daughter is a waitress and was more disgusted than we were with the service. We of course thought about not leaving a tip but decided it may not have been the waitresses fault and most likely poor management.
PROS:Nice atmosphere. Bathrooms are clean.
CONS:Soda is watered down, service is very slow, tables are not set up with utensils and napkins, appetizers should come shortly after ordering not right before we get our food.

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