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Great place for a cold beer. Like the outside beer garden with the Horseshoe Pits.

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The New Stone Crow. Great place for music. They bring in the best! Drink pricing fair. Great bartenders. Place is clean and the food is good. Michael, Doug and all good job. The ladies in the band :-)

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Nice friendly bartenders. A great after work place to go and hideaway. Clean, large enclosed fenced back yard, chairs and umbrella tables with separate smoking area out in the backyard. Always, Ice Cold Beer is there speciality.

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Nice neighborhood bar, been around for a long time. Lot of locals go there. They have a large back yard, smoking area with nice tables and horseshoe pits. The bar is housed by the same original bldg. very clean, very cold beer on tap or by bottle, mixed drinks and good bar food. Dart machines and dart leagues, pool table and free pool all day Sunday. Just a quiet out of the way bar that has survived time and economy. Oh, nice bartenders.
PROS:The above!
CONS:For a Neighborhood bar they seem to have it all handled.

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