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Neighborhood:   Hollywood Heights

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M-F: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
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The security and management here are useless: I was at a party and my purse was stolen - security didn't do anything to help us out. Not only that, but they never even bothered to call us back or cooperate with the Hollywood Police Department. They have cameras above all the VIP tables (including ours), but apparently they don't let anyone see the footage, not even the police. I guess they're part of the decor. Gee, thanks.
Turns out 5 people had their purse stolen from the VIP tables that same night ("Hi, I'm a criminal and I hang out at My House") and even that was not enough to get the damn club security or owners to acknowledge that a crime was committed in their establishment. We notified security, left our telephone numbers and email addresses, called them for weeks, left them voicemails, emailed them, and even mailed them letters - not to mention filing a police report... all for nothing. We never heard back from them - no doubt because this is a normal way of conducting business for these thugs.
This is a place with no integrity and no respect for their customers. We spent thousands of dollars on bottle service that night (we were a group of 15 all with bottle service), and didn't even receive a COURTESY call saying we tried to find your purse but couldn't. They didn't even want to cooperate with the police - what kind of scummy business do you know who does that? A place that attracts criminals and is probably run by them. You can bet your bottom dollar that if this happened at a REPUTABLE place, they would have responded and made some sort of effort to even pretend to care. My House didn't even do that, probably because they don't have a good reputation anyway, so what is the point? They sure as hell were quick to take our money, though, when we were buying overpriced bottles of booze.
Ladies, watch your purses like a hawk at this place, because if something gets lost there, nobody is gonna give a s**t.
Oh and in case anyone from this scummy club is reading it....
Actually, what am I saying: they didn't read anything else we've sent them - why would they read this.
In case they do though: if this happened to you, and you were stranded with no wallet, no ID, no phone (a brand new iPhone 4S), and all your private photos on the camera were in somebody else's hands - you would feel the same way.

I agree with this review. 
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