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Spock's Lounge is named after the previous owner who was a huge Star Trek fan. They may not have much parking behind the building, but I have been to the bar and think that it is a cool neighborhood bar. The people are friendly, courteous, and fun. They have great food specials and drink specials. The pool tables only cost $.50 to play after 7 p.m. It's free prior to 7 p.m. Where in this city can you get that? The drinks are reasonably priced. I can't ususally go anywhere to get a beer for $2.00. Most places charge $2.25 and up. The owner and other bartenders are very nice. Overall, I believe this bar, Spock's Lounge, to be a great place to have fun with friends and family.

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Parking not great, no idea why they put Spock in the name. Two pool tables. One was covered up Saturday night for some old guy singing poorly. We left pretty quick.
PROS:Not what you would expect?
CONS:Weird disjointed personality.

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