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I went to Mr. McGoo's this past weekend with a friend. We got up to the bar and were immediately greeted by the male bartender (I think his name was Bill or Billy). I ordered a 007 and my friend ordered a frozen drink. He made the drinks quickly and they came out perfect! Not only was the service excellent but the entertainment was great also. There happened to be a band and a DJ playing that night on their outdoor patio. On top of all that they had a $5 all-you-can-eat BBQ. It was good food, great music and wonderful service. I will DEFINITELY be coming back to this bar and I will be bringing more friends with me. It was an all-around great place to be!
PROS:Wonderful bartenders
Excellent music and food
CONS:Absolutely none!

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Just hired DJ frank parris on "Saturday afternoon" 1pm- 5pm...he's excellent
PROS:DJ is a PR0....polite+ friendly...he can do it all..;)

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Best happy hour in NYC hands down. Extra perk- They give buy backs too!
PROS:Cheap drinks!!!!!

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Love this bar. Good drink deals, nice neighborhood bar.
PROS:Live music, free munchies

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Went for the first time to Open Mic Night on Wednesday. Head a good time and the drafts were half off. Fun place. Good prices!

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Overall Nice bar. I frequent McGoo's often. Best nights to come are Monday-Thursday for good happy hour specials. Wednesday is open mic night. Weekends can get busy. Saturdays there is live music and Sundays are good for football. They have high def TV's, $1 beers and free food.
PROS:$1 beers on Sundays
CONS:Service can sometimes be a bit slow depending on who's bartending.

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Cool bar. I went in because the Village Voice wrote it up as one of the top ten dive bars in NYC. I can see why, the space is cool. They BBQ on the outdoor patio, have ten TVs, they put out free food for patrons, nice bar selection and cheap! I'll be back for sure. Had a good time.
PROS:Nice outdoor area
Good for parties

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I love Mr. McGoo's Pub! I think the people are nice, the atmosphere is fun and the prices are great! I have been many times and enjoy coming here.
PROS:Outdoor patio
Good tap selection
Frozen drinks
Low prices

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I can't believe this place stays open with all the underage drinking. I was in there last Saturday night. I am 26 and there were people who look 10 years younger than me. who is checking IDs?
PROS:there are no pros really the bartender was very slow. he seemed to be more interested in his friends and then the actual patrons who paid.
CONS:he was throwing beers and shots at his friends. I didn't see any money being taken for that. I asked for one by back after the 5th beer and he called me a cheapskate and told me that I should be drinking draft beer if I couldn't afford bottle beer. I have never been so insulted in my life. plus he seems like an older guy who didn't know how to handle a credit card. he was leaning all over these young people at the end of the bar. we just took our money of the bar and left. went to the bar next door and had a blast. that bar will be closed real soon because of that nasty bartender. he looks dirty too and someone was doing coke in the bathroom. not my scene man I was out.

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at first I thought I was going to have fun on a good old dive bar. then the bartender on Sat night was nasty to me and my friends.Cursed at us.
PROS:At least he was more interested in his own girlfriend and left us alone. we left without leaving him a tip.think he was angry because a guy was hitting on his girl. maybe it was his daughter.
CONS:weak drinks. coke in the womens room. bad atmosphere.

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Beers On Tap:16-20
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