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Kevin baxster plays the skin flute live every Saturday night!
PROS:And he always takes first place in the penis eating competition on Friday nights!

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Moodswings sucks! It's trying so hard to b an ac/nyc club, fact of the matter is it's located in a shopping center next to an autozone need I say more?

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LOL call Jug Knot security and ask them how many guys were hired?
You are a joker.
This place also raised 25k for cancer this past April. Go hate on something else.

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Lies lies lies! Don't pay no mind to the last comment, it was wrote by the owner. The fact of the matter is the security that he says were there were not. I know first hand because one of the troopers who responded to the scene is a close friend. He also said a call was never placed for off duty cops! He obviously didn't learn his lesson from the last shooting because busts rhymes is comming on dec 21 st. The owner is money hungry putting peoples lives and the community 2nd . I put sole responsibility for the 1st shooting on him and his 2 man security staff.
CONS:The place is a joke full of clowns!

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I was there and you all have half the story it was a promoter who rented the club out and had the party with a meek mills concert.
They had 20 sercurity guards inside and 4 armed sercurity outside and cops ordered but never shown. There was NO fight the truth to the story is that the guy who got shot was targeted and they waited for them at his car. Its a shame because moodswing NEVER entertains a Thug crowd for i was there last week for a dewey beach cover band. Im not going to let this incident keep me from going back i will just pick and choose what events i go to.

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Yea I was there it was like a stampede trying to get out of there people were getting trampled. My car was all shot up! I have to call my insurance company today. Never again will I go there. I was one of the lucky ones who got out. There wasn't any security to be seen in there. Hopefully all the people who were shot will be ok.

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Horrible! It's thug central! I was there the another nite when a fight broke out spilled into the parking lot. No security was there to break it up. 2 guys were shooting people outside the club as everyone was exiting. I was surprised that there wasn't more than 4 people shot that nite. I would never go there ever again! I heard nothing but bad reviews about moodswings! They should shut the doors. To much violence goes on there! It is deemed unsafe!
CONS:Violent thugs! Shots fired! Watered down drink! Thieves!

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New to the area!how r Friday n Saturday nites?

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Heard they have Deasean Jackson there this week, crazy.

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? Now I know Delaware isn't known for its amazing nightclubs...but Moodswings is LAME, even for DE! First of all, the location is weird (next to a blockbuster video) the venue itself is makeshift! Everything about this place is so amateur. The people that work here are such posers; they have this ridiculous "VIP" section where they seat their friends (also huge posers - you know - the sunglasses inside the club types), and the DJs are like these young guys who stand up in their DJ booth acting young and silly like they are DJing a house party. The whole experience was just embarassing. The crowd too is very young (questionably 21) and acts like teenyboppers. Bottom line - Moodswings is not worth your time or money!!!

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