Neighborhood:   Water's Edge at Point Pleasant

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M-F: 09:00 PM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 09:00 PM to 03:00 AM
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I have never had a worse experience at a bar in my entire life. I went here on a Thursday night and was told that there was a drink special of $1 beers, $2 shots, and $3 well drinks. When I went to the bar to get a drink the bartender told me there was a $25 minimum for credit cards and I would have to open a tab. I got drinks for my friends and she told me that the one beer and two well drinks I ordered would total $7. So I ordered drinks until I reached the mandatory $25 minimum; I was not drunk or confused about my tab I knew it should come out to be $28. When I went to close my tab a little after midnight I was brought a receipt with a charge of $40 on it. The bartenders refused to tell me what was charged to the card and forced me to sign the slip. They then had the nerve to try and yell to me about the tip. I asked a friend to try and get me an itemized list of my bill to which they said to him I signed the receipt and they couldn't help. They also told him my well drinks were $4 a piece and then changed the price to $6. When the manager saw me becoming upset he asked what was wrong and when the situation was explained he just walked away and couldn't be bothered. This place is a rip off and rude. It was empty and had terrible drinks. If you decide to check it out anyways bring cash if you're going to drink cause they will rip you off.
CONS:Over charge, rude, empty.

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Place should close down. I wasted the cover to sit into an almost empty place. if you are into latin crowds this might catch your attention
PROS:decoration. the place does look nice although from the outside it looks like it's closed down
CONS:management. terrible manners specially the blond lady at the door
you won't be able to socialize unless you speak spanish
not enough attendance. place was half empty on a saturday night

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Not affiliated with other Mansion nightclubs. Small crowd mostly Mexicans. Had better parties at home!
PROS:Two rooms. Some bartenders are pretty nice
CONS:Empty. Feel unsafe surrounded by horny mexicans

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An amusing story while dealing with this Jersey Shore club
I?m a well-known VIP party organizer and promoter on the west coast. This week I traveled to New York to help a friend with organizing a VIP gathering. We worked with a group of 20+ Telemundo executives that were looking to have a good time. This party also included a famous Colombian singer and his entourage. My friend wanted to organize everything on the jersey shore because the singer was staying in Point Pleasant beach. After doing some research we found a so-called latin club ?the Mansion?. For three days we tried to contact the club to make reservations. We always got a ridiculous voicemail that sounded more like a cell phone instead of a business line. On Friday evening my assistant finally got thru. She was addressed by a rude employee that was ?too busy to take a reservation?. We were told to leave our number so someone could call us back. We never heard from them. On Saturday I called the listed phone number several times and experienced the same story with their voicemail. After 1pm I finally got a live person on the phone. She identified herself as Diana. I immediately explained that we were looking at booking a large VIP group for the night. Same story. I was told to leave my phone number and that someone would call me immediately. She wasn?t rude but wasn?t friendly either. You could literally hear several phone lines ringing in the background. I asked for the Manager?s name and she rudely hung up the phone on me.
We ended up calling couple of places in Atlantic City and within 15 minutes we were booked at both. One of the clubs even had their security team talked to us ahead of time to coordinate for the VIP arrival. Our clients ended up spending $70K between the two clubs. And we also booked a large private event for next week for another $25K.
I never heard back from the Mansion and that?s a good thing. Later we realized that their club has been blacklisted by many promoters for the same reasons lack of customer service and disrespectful staff. I don?t think the place is going to stay around for a long time especially with that type of attitude.
The moral learned here is that you never know who is at the other end of the phone. While two clubs made over $95K this weekend another made zilch because of their staff?s manners on the phone.

I will never contact this club again
PROS:Club looks VIP level based on their online pictures

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