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Do NOT stop here, your bill will have unordered drinks added to it.

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I wish the old lady would retire!

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Went there to have a pop and she was extremely rude. Would never stop there again !! The older man is very friendly and would have a lot more customers if he got rid of the old lady he has waiting on people! WOULD NOT RECCOMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL!!!!!!

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Finally, a place that puts real commentary! Was to this bar once. Never again; that old barmaid really should retire! She can be so mean to people that come to spend their hard earned money there.

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This is a nice place where they always make you feel welcome :) I don't mind paying for the setup, as it is cheaper than paying for drinks anywhere else. They don't charge a cover. Place has great food as well. Worth checking out!

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Place is a great off the road joint and does not charge cover. Beer is cold and you can BYOB, but set up prices a little steep and if you want water, they charge you. Even DD cannot catch a break here apparently. I can't believe it is not even bottled, poured out of tap and charged $$$. OH, they have Bingo too, but if u drink water and eat their free popcor., be sure that the owners will probably gossip to one of the patrons on how cheap you are.

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Nice place, but the owners wife seems very unappreciative of he people. She would rather make a buck than a friend. The owner is great makes everyone feel welcome, too bad she runs them off after he welcomes them

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