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Three of us walked into this place at 10:30 on a Saturday night. One person drinking at the bar and the bartneder. The bartender looks to the door a soon as we open it and says "we're done serving for the night". Oh well, guess they only need one customer a night to stay in business! There are plenty of other places to choose from in this area.

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Owners helper walked out on her and quit right after he took our order. Figured it was just one of those things, he was probably the problem. Walked in 3 weeks later with my friend and mother, the place was empty and asked her around 11 a.m. if the kitchen was open and she rudely said "Now why wouldn't it be?" I said "How would I know or not?" She again rudely said "What's that supposed to mean?" I said "I don't see anyone eating!" We walked out and will never return! Good luck lady!

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