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They call themselves ?Biker Friendly? yet have no idea what it takes to stand for the freedoms they so enjoy. Go ahead, go in, listen to the bitching and whining about the government. Then ask what they are doing about it. Not a soul even cared to write a letter to their Senator or representative. A complete bunch of reprehensible losers with warm beer, bad attitudes and crappy service.

Moreover, when I suggested that they get off their ass and at least write a letter to voice their protest I was met with (and I quote) ?WHY!! It won?t do any damn good anyway. A complete bunch of lazy, reprehensible drunken assholes. And these are the good points!
CONS:Every thing about the place. I stoped for a cold beer and got a cold shoulder, a hot beer and had to fight my way out the door.
I recomend the place be closed down ASAP.

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