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M-F: 04:00 PM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 08:00 PM to 02:00 AM
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I was frequenting Lanai nearly every weekend for their house dance music at night. Since the first time I looked them up online, I had been looking forward to an opportunity to visit them for happy hour to enjoy some "acid jazz, down-tempo, and light house echoing in the background," as is prominently advertised on their website. I finally got the chance last week when some friends were visiting from out of town, and the experience couldn't have been a bigger disappointment. Typical reggae polluted the atmosphere as soon as we arrived, so we were relieved when our waitress first assured us that it was simply a Pandora station and as easy to change as a click of the mouse if we had a different request. Since we were the only patrons in the establishment at the time, we explained that we didn't want to be a bother but we had specifically come to take in some of the music advertised on the website, and we assisted her in finding a station that was more than pleasantly appropriate. Nonetheless, after only one song of our choice, the management scolded our waitress for changing the station and insisted that she switch it back to the reggae. When we then confronted the management and explained that we have no intention of being repeat customers of a business in the service industry that refuses to accommodate its clientele (even only so far as to comply with what they already advertise to provide during those hours), the clueless blonde behind the bar replied with a simple, "okay." Since they obviously possess no desire to provide courteous service or uphold any degree of respectful reputation for their establishment, I will not be returning again.
PROS:house music
CONS:expensive drinks
lack of courtesy
false advertisement
no customer accommodation
clueless management

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Dress Code:casual
Martini Bar/ Upscale
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