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What you see is what you get. You won't find fancy digs or drinks but you will find great people and low drink prices. Fun place to go with a group.
PROS:Great peeps
low drink and beer prices
CONS:Nothing fancy about it. Typical Wisconsin shot and a beer bar

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This place kicks ass. Best prices in town, and the bartenders are talkative and take care of you.

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Awesome place, great bartenders! Sue is the best bartender they have! Clean place (contrary to any other reviews) and you couldn't ask for more! Place to be in Cedarburg!
PROS:Clean, friendly and awesome drink prices!

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One of the most fun bars I've ever gone to! Great bartenders and friendly people that always make you feel welcome and best prices around! Any age group fits in.
PROS:GREAT PRICES! Where else can you get a jack & coke for $4!!
CONS:Could use updating...but it's a beer and a shot place so it's to be expected

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L&G is a dive bar and that's exactly what you're gonna get. Don't have high expectations. The bartenders try to make the experience enjoyable with what they're given.
Hours of Operation
Not a Large Variety of Beer/Booze

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Probably one of the worst places I have ever stepped foot in. It is very dirty and the bartenders are not very friendly. The whole place smells like urine. Owners do not do anything to update or promote this place. They have a Tube Steak Tuesday? REALLY COME ON!!!! that is very un professional.
PROS:No good things to say
CONS:Stinks like urine, Bad service, Very outdated. please choose a different place to go.

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