Colerain TwpOH 
Neighborhood:   Mount Airy

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M-F: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
Sat-Sun: 11:00 AM to 02:00 AM
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I used to come in on Sunday evenings because I love their performer (I wish his gig didn't start so late). Now I only come in occasionally due to my job. I was finally able to come in and I was being harassed and assaulted by another customer. He repeatedly kept touching me after I politely asked him not to. The final time, I used strong language to get my point across and the male customer continued to harass me. I stared at the bartender, who saw what was happening, and just ignored it, instead of telling the guy to step away. Being harassed and assaulted right in front of the bartender was ridiculous. I've also had issues with this bartender in the past, who would change drink prices on me from one week to the next, despite the fact that I got the same drink every time.

Ladies, watch yourself at this bar. It's definitely not safe for us anymore, apparently.

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I love the Pine! They have the best, most friendly bartenders in the city. They also have the best live music in the city. The owner listens to his patrons & brings in the bands they want which is great. The spirit at the bar is the best. It is like everyone is family. I just love it.

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