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Local bar that needs to re- staff the bartenders. I was absoulutly disgusted by the service and attitude off the bartender " tracy ". Of all my years enjoying going out for food and drinks this has to be the 1 place to black list! Food sucked, and they might as well had a cave man serve me my drinks after waiting about 20 plus minutes to get my first drink. Horrible place! I do not recommend this bar to anyone.

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I have never written a negative review about any place I have ever eaten at, but I felt the need to express the disgust that this place imposed on me and my friends. Not only did it take 20 mins for the bartender to wait on us, after glancing and making eye contact with us 4 times, and then just walking by. When we finally received our drinks they were slammed down in front of us as if we were inconveniencing them. The food that we ordered was overpriced and nothing but below par. Also one of our guests ordered french fries and after 2 and half hours of being mean mugged and talked about in front of our faces by the bar tender and company, he still never received them. We are all in our mid to upper 20's, not young college students being nasty and disrespectful, but the way we were being treated we might as well been. I would not recommend this place to any more of my friends due to the nasty attitudes, poor quality of food, and waiting 20 +mins for a drink. The morning after I checked my account, to find out that I was overcharged by about 12 dollars,after leaving a cash tip. I called the business today, and was told, "We have a computer system that automatically ads 18% tip onto your bill". But this didn't show up on the receipt, only on my bank statement? I believe the bartender thought she deserved more of a tip and added to my card, I believe that would be considered stealing. Please, please, save yourself the aggravation and money and find a different place to go.
PROS:Only bar in the area
Could have a cool vibe
CONS:Bad attitudes
Bad food

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