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All of you should be ashamed of yourselves putting down a black business like this. Would Karen have a "Bad Attitude" if she was a man? Did it ever occur to you that the place flooded the day of your event & thats not under her control? Are you seriously complaining about $200.00 like it was that big of a deal? And your going to REALLY bring her daughter into this? Lol. Wow. I just had my 40th birthday party at Cocktails on 76th two months ago and I had a wonderful time and so did my quest. The DJ was great, gave me my birthday shout outs. Karen and another bartender actually was the bartenders and they did a great job serving my quest. Karen offered to help me decorate when I called to let her know I was running behind, found me a photographer and someone to do my cake. When I came in to book the hall, I did smell something but all I did was have candles as a part of my decorations. Karen is a very nice lady and its said that she has to deal with such ignorant people. She must be doing something right if she still around all these years huh?

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Apparently, this bar is still owned by Karen and not by someone else. She actually changed the name for reputation's sake. Funny!!! So she hasn't updated the hall...smdh!!! I agree with the smell and it's just dirty in there. She should be ashamed of herself. Rude, she is and very unprofessional. I was looking for a spot to have a party. Guess I won't be trying to book anything there. Thanks guys for the info.

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Thanks I was looking into a place for my hubbies bday and this will not be the one!

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I HAVE TO AGREE DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT HAVE YOUR PARTY HERE! we reanted this place in 07/2011 and it smells like basement Karen stated that smell was because it was hot this week and they have not been opened BUT when the air conditioner comes on you dont smell it THAT WAS A LIE IT SMELLED EVEN WITH THE AC ON AT OUR EVENT! SHE WENT UP ON THE PRICE $100 1 DAY BEFORE EVENT! THE DJ CAME 1 hour late ( no reimburment) the beer bottles they served around the rim was rusty! They only had 1 bartender who stayed away from teh bar for 10 minutes at a time.. the owner daughter has a NASTY ATTITUDE LIKE HER MOTHER! NO PROFESSIONLISM AT ALL!!!! The owner told me i could get the extra $100 she was charging me back if teh bar made $ 1000- $1400 that night... Which was crazy how would I ever know how much the bar made ...and 1,000 for a 4 hours event for teh bar to make seems like alot.. When she gave me her business card it read "DONT BE A HATER" .. :-0 Really .. I should have known then what kind of experience i would have.. Also the bar uses glasses that would be in people kichen cabinets.... SMH

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DO NOT HAVE YOUR PARTY HERE! This was the worst place ever to have a party. I paid 200.00 to have a party here and the customer service was horrible. When we arrived to set up the doors were locked so we had to carry our things in through another party on the other side. There were no tables in the back room set up. There were holes in the ceiling so the floor in the back room was soaking wet, both pool tables were wet. Guest pants were wet at the bottom. They barely had any lighting due to the water in the ceiling so our guest could not even see their food. We had to ask for soap and tissue in the bathroom and that was a problem. The drinks were watered down and severely overpriced. We were told we'd have security at the door but people kept coming in to our party who were for the party in the back hall. The bartenders were beyond rude, the music was horrible and the owner was about as rude as anyone we'd ever met. When we voiced our concerns about all the problems, she replied that she really didn't have time for the bs and what is it that we want. She then offered to give us our money and we could leave at 9:20 when our party started at 9p.m.. At such short notice we could not move the party or even move it to our home because you cannot buy liquor after 9p.m. We had guest who had driven 4 and 6 hours to come and the experience was horrible. People did not stay long because of the rudeness and the damp smell. It was so dark people could not even see the food they were putting on their plates. As a host I could not enjoy myself because of how horribly we were treated. I will never consider this place for a party again.
PROS:There are absoulutely no pros to this place.
CONS:Everything about this place was a con.

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